What is PayPal Virtual Credit Card

Opening a personal or business PayPal account is not a difficult thing to do but the main problem is to verify your account so that you can send and withdraw money freely. On top of that in some south Asian countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran they are not proving the services due to some bad banking services. Its amazing that nearly all countries are Muslim and some of them are very well established but still they find it difficult to provide services here. So you need to find the alternate ways to verify your account or use some other banking service like Payza or Moneybookers.

PayPal Virtual Credit Card

Good thing is that you can open US PayPal account from any unsupported country and verify it with the help of VCC or Virtual Credit Card. So what is VCC and how it works. This is 21st century and banks operate worldwide without any problem now. They provide you bank accounts and even ATM cards so that you can withdraw your money any where in the world. For this you don’t need to go US or provide any legal documents, just open your account with valid ID card and you are done.

How this works

So in order to verify your PayPal account first you need to open it. Don’t worry you can still open it by staying in your country. Just visit the Official USA site here and click on Signup for free button. Of course you will not find your country in the list but you don’t have to. Just select US as your country, provide some fake details like name, address, phone number etc(use Fakenamegenerator.com) and verify your email address. Don’t use any proxy or VPN service, just browse normally.

Of course PayPal will ask you to verify your account by providing the valid US bank documents or US credit card and obviously you don’t have any. So for this you can use either a free one Payoneer or buy a Virtual Credit Card instantly online and verify your account within two working days.

Buy Virtual Credit Card Online

For free Mastercard from Payoneer you have to wait for 15 to 40 days so that free card will be shipped at your home address. So it depends on your needs whether you are in a hurry or you want to save money.

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  1. Hello! I have a payoneer master card and i want to verify paypal but i have no money in Payoneer account how can i load payoneer card.

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