Transfer Money from PayPal to MoneyBookers(Skrill)

Now that you have learn how to open and verify PayPal account in Pakistan free of cost with the help of Payoneer MasterCard, its time to transfer money from PayPal to MoneyBookers or Skrill. We all know that transferring money to any account is free of cost and same is the case with world’s top payment processor. For this transaction to happen you need account in both payment processors so if you want to know how to withdraw fund from PayPal than read my other article.

Unfortunately you cannot directly transfer funds from PayPal to MoneyBookers so you need either a third-party account or simply have to withdraw your money first from PayPal and than deposit money into your Skrill account.

Third Party Method

For this method to work you only need one account and send money to the exchanger website mention below. After they will get the funds from you they will send you money in your Skrill account after taking their commission.

Visit Auto Exchanger Website

Of course there are few restriction in this like you have to exchange atleast $100 and maximum of $2000. Also there is a risk involve in this method like if they take away with your money than you will lose it.

Manual Method

In this method you first need to withdraw your funds from PayPal and deposit money into your MoneyBookers account. Of course this method has very slow process and can take from six to ten days but the benefit of this way is that you will get your amount safely and their is no risk involve.

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