Withdraw PayPal Funds in Pakistan

So now that you have verify PayPal account in Pakistan its time to withdraw your funds. If you had use PayPal Virtual Credit Card to verify your account than its very simple to withdraw your money. Just click on withdraw link located at the top of your account screen and transfer money to your card. Your money will be transferred in two to four business days. But if are following our method of Payoneer card than you have two ways to get your money in your hands.

Withdraw PayPal Funds in Pakistan

First of all login into your account and click on Withdraw tab located at the right side of your screen. Now you will have two option, withdraw via:

  • Payoneer Bank Account
  • Payoneer MasterCard

Both options have pros and cons depending on your need you can use any. If you want to transfer amount with no charges than use Bank option but it will take two to four business days to transfer your money.

On the other hand if you want to transfer money fast than use MasterCard option as it will load the balance in just 24 hours. But you need to pay fee which is $2 per transaction.

How to use Payoneer with local ATM

After you got your money in the Payoneer card its very easy to turn in into cash. Just visit any of the Mnet supported ATM near you like MCB, Faisal Bank or HSBC Bank insert your card and withdraw funds in your local currency(in Pakistan’s case it will be in rupees).

They will charge a fix rate of $3 per transaction so don’t insert your card for checking balance of your account etc. Check balance of your account online and convert the money in rupees. Always try to withdraw funds more than $100 as it will give you good exchange rate otherwise if you want to get cash under $100 than you will get only 60 to 70 dollar exchange rate.

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